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College GCSE Curriculum

Reasonable Faith's presentation can cover major themes of the  Religious Studies GCSE requirement, engaging the students with film and interactive learning.


Hosted by a certified apologist and former Head of Religious Studies in a secondary school for 13 years.  Further, we present argument, and scientific and philosophical evidence for the existence of God.  


Choice of content

Reasonable Faith are able to cover a range of apologetic arguments for the existence of God using philosophical, historical and archeological evidences relating to the Christian faith, covering content that fulfils GCSE and A level criteria.


Q&A included

Students are given opportunity to ask questions both curriculum directed and out of general curiosity.

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Ask Head of RS Department

Kim Burtwell is head of a College RS department.  She can advise how various presentations can be used to meet your curriculum requirements.


07905 901189


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We have received such positive feedback from our year 10 and 11 students. They fully understood the arguments presented, which is fantastic with GCSE exams just around the corner.  The information covered a major theme of the GCSE RS curriculum.  We can't wait to have you come back.

Head of Religious Studies, Gloucester Academy

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