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The Local Church Grows As People Come To Faith!

A God of Hope event will present the irrefutable evidence for God with a clear Gospel message. 

Decisions made at these events is only the first step.  

To connect new believers with with a local church already in the area is an exciting way local churches can partner with Reasonable Faith UK in this evangelistic tour.

Inviting the local church to participate with us is to:-

  • grow the local church already meeting in these cities

  • gather the local church in church premises for revival prayer meetings for the city in the two week lead up to events

  • advertise the local church on our event website 

  • direct responders at the events to the local church

  • provide opportunity for Christians to invite family and friends to hear compelling evidence for God and the Gospel message

  • help believers fulfil the task Jesus gave us all to go, share Him with others

  • provide post-event support to churches who would find it helpful including apologetic/evangelistic training sessions, training videos and book resources from Reasonable Faith UK


The Events are already paid for so we are not seeking monetary support.


The power of the Gospel has not diminished in two thousand years but many have still not heard.  We invite you to partner with us and be the face of the church where these events are held!  

God promises in Psalm 133, that our working together in unity will bring His blessing to our work, to our lives, to our churches, and to our country.

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