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Packed Audience


Present irrefutable evidence for God with a clear Gospel message and connect new believers to the local church.

Tour Mission


Provide opportunity for Christians to invite family and friends to hear compelling evidence for God and a clear Gospel message.


Present events in local churches already meeting in cities to help responders connect with the local church > grow the local church.


Help believers learn how to engage people using effective argument and the Gospel as outlined and demonstrated by the Apostles in Acts and Romans to fulfil the task Jesus gave us all > to go share Him.


Provide resource support to churches, universities, youth groups, schools >

apologetic/evangelistic training sessions, videos and books from Reasonable Faith UK.


Gather the local church for revival prayer meetings > work together to reach every city.

Events are already paid for so we are not seeking monetary support.

We may take up a free will offering to continue to offer free events.

Invite Reasonable Faith UK to your city!

I highly recommend the God of Hope event led by Evangelist Paul Burtwell, which includes a powerful Gospel Presentation supported by an audio-visual presentation on the cinema screen, giving evidence from Creation... We were glad to be part of such a great Outreach.

Derek Walker, Revelation TV Presenter,

Pastor Oxford Bible Church, UK

The power of the Gospel has not diminished in 2000 years but many still have not heard. Others require more convincing.  Early Church Apostles understood their audience and convinced through articulate, relevant, argument.  This is our mission.

Be the face of the church in cities these events are held.


Oxford, UK

Oxford Bible Church

Worcester, UK

Hope Church @ The Granary

Swindon, UK

Vine Church

London, UK

ICGC Faith Temple

Cardiff, UK

Calvary Chapel

Celbridge, Ireland

The Bridge Church

Georgia, USA

The Upper Room Fellowship

Gloucester, UK

Clearspring Church

Bristol, UK

Hope Church

Bristol, UK

Vine Church
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