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Apologist Evangelist

Paul Lyndon Burtwell

Paul has reached more than five million people with the Gospel message through film and social media in the last year alone.  An Evangelist-Apologist for Professor William Lane Craig's global ministry, Reasonable Faith, and author of seven books, Paul regularly appears on Television to present Biblical perspectives on current issues.   


At age sixteen Paul was pursuing his ambition of becoming an actor when he heard the Gospel message for the first time.  It changed the course of his life. He graduated with a B.A. Honours in Christian Theology and World Religions, then a post graduate in Education and qualified teacher status in Religious Education at Gloucestershire University.


After serving as Head of Religious Education for the Bishops College for five years (from 2008 - 2013), Paul entered  full time church ministry. Founder and Pastor of Clearspring church, Paul is married to Sarah, they have three teenage boys.

Reasonable Faith UK Paul


Reasonable Faith has been endorsed by

Lee Strobel, Author/Apologist

Mark Mittelberg, Author/Apologist

Jim Thomas, Author/Pastor

J.P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy

John R. Lucas, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford University

Quentin Smith, Professor of Philosophy

Wolfhart Pannenberg, Professor of Systematic Theology

Robert Russell, Professor of Theology and Science

George Ellis, Professor of Applied Mathematics

Don N. Page, Professor of Physics and Fellow of the Cosmology and Graviton Program

C. Behan McCullagh, Philosopher

Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament

Don Nelson Page, Professor of Physics

Richard E. Averbeck, Professor of Old Testament

S. Joshua Swamidass, Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine

C. John Collins, Professor of Old Testament

Michael J. Murray, Senior Scholar of Philosophy

And many more...

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