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University Events

Using scientific, mathematical and philosophical reasoning, we present irrefutable evidence for the existence of God.

We use short cinematic films, reference findings and quotes from professors respected globally, including from Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and even some atheists, plus offer live presentations, lectures, debates and Q&A sessions.

Hear the evidence that is turning Academia.



Plan a debate at your University.  

Reasonable Faith can facilitate and present a debate and invite guest speakers, including from your faculty.

Paul Lyndon Burtwell appears regularly on TV and in forums to discuss scientific, mathematical and philosophical evidences for the existence of God. Paul is available for debate.


Q&A Sessions

Host a Q&A at your University.  

Create an opportunity for students to question matters about God while forming their world-view.  

Difficult and seemingly unanswerable questions welcome.  Both the curious and the cynic are invited.

Conference Crowd
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Cinematic Presentation

The Main Event.  

Select from a series of 10 cinematic short films showcasing irrefutable scientific, mathematical and philosophical evidence for the existence of God. These are presented with a live lecture by Paul Lyndon Burtwell who regularly appears on TV. 


Apologetics Training

Learn to convince through articulate, thorough and relevant argument for the existence of God.

In a generation and culture where less than 0.5% of students attend church it is vital to learn to present evidence for God unemotionally and convincingly until belief becomes more reasonable than denial. Invite Reasonable Faith to teach students to become confident, effective evangelists for the existence of God and the Christian faith.

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